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About Hair Loss



It’s necessary to understand the normal hair growth cycle to understand why hair loss occurs.

The average human scalp contains between 100,000 and 150,000 hairs. Each hair goes through a growth cycle independent 

   of the other hairs on the scalp.

'Shedding' occurs only after the return to the Anagen phase and on average 50-100 Telogen hairs are shed every day. This 

   is normal hair loss and accounts for the hair loss seen every day in the shower and with hair combing.



Stem cells in the hair follicles are the ultimate source of cells that regenerate the growth of new hairs.


The bulge area is an abundant, easily accessible source of actively growing, pluripotent adult stem cells.

The hair germ, located at the very bottom of the hair follicle, emerges from the bulge at the end of the destructive phase of the hair cycle.

Therefore, the stem cells of the hair follicle must be active especially in the time the hair follicle is regenerated.


The hair follicle is like a mini-dispensable organ. Throughout our lifetime, each hair follicle undergoes cyclical bouts of growth, destruction and rest through an intrinsic stem cell population. It provides an excellent opportunity to investigate the molecular process of tissue regeneration and stem cell self-renewal.